Sunday, September 8, 2013

My name is Mackenzie Miller Davidson, when I first began my journey at Rhode Island College I was 21 years old and had never blogged before in my life. I had just transferred from Plymouth State University where I attended school for two years and came to RIC with every intention of becoming an Early Childhood Education Teacher. Now, recreating myself into the blogging world I am 24 and have discovered a similar, but more diverse path for my future career. Starting this past spring, I became involved in the Youth Development Program in hope to be able to inspire youth around the world.

As I become more involved in Youth Development my hopes have been that I will be able to be active in communities where there are young people and help guide them as they are learning and developing.  In this class I hope that we will become more involved in our communities and divulge ourselves further into service learning practices.

After attending the first class this week, I felt a feeling of relief that I would be working with people who I have begun to build a bond with. This is a new program, and we are all going through its highs and lows together. It will be a truly exceptional experience to introduce our practices to people as this program becomes discovered world wide.

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