Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TED Talk The Next Generation

Natalie Warne, an 18 year old encourages young people to get involved with social changes they care about. Natalie talks personally on her story about fighting to save Ugandan children who have been kidnapped to become children armies. She sees involvement in social causes as the thing to improve our generation. Natalie has ran a successful campaign for this campaign called the "Invisible Children Project" this campaign was to have a policy passed to stop Joseph Koney from kidnapping these children for armies. With much persistence, networking, and hard work her campaign was able to be shown on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Natalie proves to the world the ways in which we can change the views people have of our generation. It is tenacious individuals like her that remind me that it is possible to help children outside of this country without even having to leave it. I found it truly compelling that someone her age, whose typical concerns include what they are wearing, new television shows, and what their friends are doing can be so passionate about something so unselfish and caring.

This TED talk made me think about my own life and connect it to my own experiences. Looking at Natalie and her maturity level at the age of 18 really surprised me.  When I think about myself at the age of 18 I was self centered and worried about things in the moment. It made me think about how I want to make social changes myself for children who need it in areas less fortunate then my own. I have always thought that making a large social change seemed like something out of reach and unobtainable, however after watching Natalie and her experience I realize that with some work and effort I too can make a large social change.

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