Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roles in life

We all play a variety of different characters throughout our lives, and we are constantly in battle to try and balance each and every one of them. A "diffuse identity status is a state in which there has been an exploration or active consideration of a particular identity and no psychological commitment to one." We all participate in this personality exchange throughout the day. We become the daughter or son to our parents, to the student in the classroom, to the colleague and employee and our jobs. My own interpretation of a context map is to put all of these roles that we play when we are in different situations into our own map, because often if we think about all of the personalities we portray we could become a bit dizzy. Achieve Identity, Foreclosed Identity, Moratorium, and Diffuse Identity are all a part of how we can organize these sequential identities.

My own Context map 

   Rhode Island College student    
         Youth Development Major
             Waitress at Dublin Rose and Thames Waterside
                        Graduate of Barrington High School 
                               My dog Newman
                                              Going to the gym
                                                 Obstacle course racing


  1. I feel as those using these strategies would have been extremely helpful for the 14 year old me. Knowing who you are is a struggle when you are not you. "You are not you when you are hungry." =)

  2. Society, Family, Love. I love this frame!