Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Presentation with Israeli Professors

Early in the semester Corinne asked myself and a couple other students to come and speak about the new Youth Development program at Rhode Island College. We talked to a group of individuals from Israel about how they have had their own Youth Development program in their country. It was interesting to hear other people's thoughts from a whole other area of the world about something that we had been going over in our own discussions. We were able to read blogs that other students had written about their youth development experiences. Prior to the meeting Corinne asked us to think about questions such as; what attracted you to the youth development program, what are our career goals, how are RIC courses preparing us for career goals, and how would we describe this program to an incoming freshmen. Now, looking back on the answers to some of these questions it is interesting to see just how far I have come from just a couple months ago towards progressing in my profession. For the Spring in my internship I hope to gain further knowledge on how to train and become an Early Intervention specialist, as well as finding out how to perform assessment tests on children.

I had hoped that the visit would include more people from Rhode Island College to hear their inputs on the program and what their thoughts were. I was however very happy several of our classmates were able to be involved with the discussion with new people that have experience with this field.

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  1. I am so glad you came!!! I would love to hear more about how you see yourself growing over the semester into a youth worker identity. I very much think the internship is going to give you a huge boost and specialty in early childhood education.