Monday, November 25, 2013

Open House at RIC

On November 9th Rhode Island College featured its open house for students who may have been trying to decide on where to go to school, what major to declare, or just get general information. For the first time ever, Youth Development was a part of this open house. Myself, Anthony and professor Mckamey were able to stand by and answer questions students and parents had about the program. This experience felt like our elevator speeches that were put on a recorder. I felt as though most of what we talked about was discussed, and re-discussed. What was more enjoyable to me was talking to parents and students on a more personal level, finding out what they enjoy and what they hope to get out of their education. I was able to relate to each of them more and tell them about my own longer then hoped for college experience. It was rewarding being able to help students in a way that no college program would be able to. It was not too long ago (six years almost to be exact) that I was in the same position that these students were. Scared, confused, excited, and intrigued by this whole new world of college. I can remember walking the campus of Plymouth State University so excited to get to my new school, meet new friends, and have a whole new life. 

Coming to Rhode Island College was a different experience then that. I knew I wanted to work with kids, so OASIS was my "mentor" of what to do. They told me that if I wanted to work with children I should begin my process of applying to the Feisenstein School of Education. The process was long and grueling, and during the first two years of my experience at Rhode Island College, I could tell something was just not right. Was this for me? Was teaching the option I wanted? Youth Development has been the program to steer me in the right direction. I have learned a great amount of information in different field like Social Work, Education, and Non-Profit Studies. Talking to people about this experience I could tell they were much like me in this confused position of what to do. When I told them that in this program you are not restricted to the classroom setting to work with children, there was a strong degree of interest and motivation to learn more. This experience was rewarding, I hope that at the next open house maybe we can have some type of video of us as youth workers to grab the crowds interest, or perhaps doing an ice breaker with the crowd. 

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  1. I love the ice breaker idea!!! Thanks for being at the open house -- your elevator speech did transform into personal relationship building as you asked about interests and related to freshmen and their families. It was great to see you and other YDEV students shine!!!